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Best Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck & Abdominoplasty is a trendy procedure among women and men alike. In which excess fat and skin of the stomach area are removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened. The muscles are sewn together operating as an internal girdle.

This plastic surgery procedure is favored among patients who want to improve their abdomen after drastic weight loss or pregnancy when the skin has lost its elasticity, and can no longer return to its original form. Skin can only stretch so far and a Tummy Tuck is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to correct a protruding abdomen, achieve a flat stomach, and regain your shape. It can sometimes improve abdominal stretch marks, especially if they are part of the excised skin, typically below the navel.

The Tummy Tuck is unlike liposuction in that the excess skin is removed in addition to the fat deposits. However, better contouring can be achieved when both procedures are combined.

What is Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty?

Considered major surgery and performed under general anesthesia. A Tummy Tuck is an outpatient procedure that’s designed to remove excess skin. And fat from the abdominal area and tighten the abdominal wall.

While Tummy Tuck surgery can be performed with liposuction, they should not be confused. Both are independent procedures. Liposuction may be performed in addition to Abdominoplasty surgery to assist in the removal of fat deposits.

Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for regular diet and exercise, and should only be performed after weight has been stabilized and all other methods exhausted.


How much does a tummy tuck cost in Pakistan?

It is difficult for us to accurately provide information on the cost of a tummy tuck in Pakistan. As the cost can vary depending on a number of factors such as:

The specific technique used

The extent of the procedure

The location of the practice

The experience of the surgeon.

In general, tummy tucks can be a relatively expensive surgical procedure, and the cost can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Rupees.

Do I need to worry about the cost?

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of a tummy tuck should not be the primary consideration when deciding whether to undergo the procedure. Instead, you should focus on finding qualified and experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Maruf Zahid who can provide you with the best possible care and results. 

6 Tips To Pick a Best Plastic Surgeon for You

Choosing a skilled plastic surgeon (The best Tummy tuck surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan) is a matter of life. Experiencing a reputed professional can help in enhancing your confidence level in the approaching years and also you’ll appear more beautiful than ever. Whether reduce the additional fat from your abdomen, you want to reshape your nose, or lift your eyebrows; everything is possible with cosmetic surgery procedures. There are various factors like cost, kind of procedure, place, and security measures when undergoing any type of operation that an individual may consider. Locating a board-certified professional having many years of expertise in this field is not so simple. Dr. Maruf is one of the best Tummy tuck surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan.

Below Are Some of the Checklists that you can follow if You Are Searching For a Plastic Surgery Specialist:

1. Having a Board Certification

Some of the most important criteria would be to have board certification. Not all professionals have legal certifications. If you are going to meet a surgeon, make sure that you’re assessing all the certifications, legal documents, and legal authorization. With no legal certifications, the specialist cannot perform any form of surgery.

2. Experience Really Counts

Experience is extremely important. His expertise degree should be checked by you when you’re going to pick the professional. Make sure that he’s working in this field for more than at least 5 years. Dr. Maruf is the best Tummy tuck surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan. A specialist who’s working in this sector for only 1-2 years may not know all kinds of procedures.

3. Knowledge Actually Matters

Knowledge is one of the crucial points to consider when you’re looking for a plastic surgeon. He is having knowledge of various approaches to cosmetic surgery if he’s having experience. Knowledge and even appropriate information can allow you to bring out the greatest results.

4. Emotional Connection

As need certainly to share your expectations and you have to spend a lot of time, it is extremely crucial that you set up a great mental link. Without appropriate comprehension, the specialist may not know your want.

5. Security And Operation Facilities

The pro whom you’re hiring is definitely practicing at a clinic. See the area before your operation and assess whether the clinic is having all the surgery facilities. Also, check whether it’s taking all the security measures that a patient looks for.

6. Assess The Track Records And Evidence

If you might like to do a nose or breast enlargement nursery, better to assess the images of the preceding clients. You then can move towards a positive result, if the real images cause you to feel better. Apart from the above hints, the cost is also an essential factor you should remember. If you want to pick a surgeon from a foreign nation, check the costs of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Abroad and begin your journey towards a beautiful future. The best part is, you can get the best tummy tuck services in Lahore, Pakistan from one of the best Plastic & Cosmetic surgeons Dr. Maruf Zahid.

Best Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan
Best Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan