How Aging Affects Your Hair

How Aging Affects Your Hair

All of us know the fact that our body features change with the change in age. With the increase in our age, our waistline becomes less and so our hair becomes thin. When we become older, it will be difficult for our bodies to absorb proteins from our diet. Amino acid is a requirement of our hair for growth and strength. The amino acid that we get from the diet measures the specific properties of protein molecules. Our hair is based on these molecules. So, if there will be lack of amino acids then there will be a lack of protein molecules that lead to the thinning of hair. Dr. Maruf Zahid is one of the best-leading surgeons of Hair Transplant in Lahore.

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How Aging Affects Your Hair: Best plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon.Best Hair Transplant in Lahore.

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Moreover, all of us are familiar with the fact that the hair tone of elder people becomes lighter. Again, the issue raises from the ability of our body to gain nutrients from our diet. In short, the older we get the less our body engages in essential nutrients. Hair loss treatment with Rejuvanetix is recommended to get a solution. Dr. Maruf Zahid is one of the leading surgeons of Hair Transplant in Lahore.

Changes in Thickness & Texture

The texture and thickness of our hair are affected by the increase in age. According to an estimate, the period of a single hair is almost 4-5 years. Hence, blow dryers, brushing, excessive heat, chemical exposure, and flat irons decrease this life span. No doubt, such issues result in a decrease in the thickness and texture of hair. The hair seems smaller, thinner and weakened. Change in Tone Melanin plays its role in boosting the color and tone of the hair. Melanin refers to a pigment that is responsible for skin and hair color. When our body stops producing this pigment then our hair changes its color and turns grey. Genetics also play a role in the graying of hair.

Thinning Hair & Baldness (Hair Transplant in Lahore)

For any person, the news of becoming a victim of hair loss is not welcomed. Hair loss is also an onset of aging. According to an estimate, about 2-3 males get noticeable hair loss till the age of 60 years. The hair follicles become weak as our bodies cannot intake the required proteins. Some other factors like smoking and stress also play their role in hair loss.

What You Can Do for Solution to These Changes.

First of all, you need to intake a balanced and proper diet as a poor diet plays an essential role in hair thinning and changes in the texture of hair as described earlier. Dying your hair is another option to don’t show them as gray. However, when it comes to thinning of hair, different medicines and other methods are provided in the market. Hence, a hair transplant is the most recommended method to treat your hair loss. Tiny grafts are taken from a selected area of the scalp and inserted in the area where treatment is required. This is how the procedure is performed. Experienced surgeons perform this procedure. This solution is cost-effective as compared to other methods and also provides a solution in the long run.

Rejuvanetix – Best Hair Transplant Surgeon & Clinic in Lahore, Pakistan

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